Dorm Room with Olioboard

Designed using these items:

Galactic Floor Lamp from Zinc Door $413.00

Condo side table 

Sling Red Ottoman $319

$24.99 Keys K Print from

Sorority button set from Dormify $7.00

I won $200 through Dormify for my Olioboard dorm room design.  I have also purchased many graduation gifts from Dormify and people love them.  The removable decals are awesome.  I had one in my classroom and my middle school students absolutely loved it.
These are some of the gifts I have purchased from Dormify:

These headphones are cool and are perfect for times when you want music and your roommate wants quiet.  For use anywhere!

Only $14.99

This is the chandelier decal I had that was a huge hit

Only $40

Aren't these speakers cute?  Small and a great pattern.  They have other patterns and colors
Only $14.99 - that is amazing!

Here is another dorm room I designed on


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