Garage Renovation



Create your own mirrored wall

Buy less expensive mirrors at places like Target or Home Goods.  It doesn't matter what color they are because you can paint them any color you like!

I bought some mirrors at Home Goods and Target and I painted a few of them and left a few gold.  I am not sure if I like the combination or if I want to paint all of them black.  However, I simply used wall paint and painted the frames.  You could even buy spray paint.  As long as you tape and cover the mirrors themselves, the spray paint will work just as well.  The trick is to go over the frame lightly with the spray paint so that it doesn't drip.  You can always go over it again.

Some of my fun pillows

Laundry Room Renovation



I wanted doors that would conceal everything but it didn't work out with the corners and the fact that there is a light in the ceiling

I wanted a rod so that we could hang shirts that did not need to be dryed 

 The shelves are adjustable

We do not have a pantry in the kitchen so we needed storage for things that would normally go in a pantry

These hooks are located just inside the garage door.  We use them to hang wet or snowy clothing.  We love this idea and it is super convenient!

Fun stuff I liked today

I loved this orange jewelry box and bought one today for my new master closet!

Love this dresser. It has a beach vibe and is still formal enough to add to my master bedroom.  I need a dresser.  I have shells in the room from my honeymoon so that is beachy.  I also have a huge photo on the wall from my honeymoon of the beach.  This might fit just perfectly! 

These jewelry boxes are so pretty!