I don't know what it is about chevron but it is appealing and it is old and new!  I am considering painting an old, ugly dresser that my husband brought when we moved in together in a chevron pattern.

This is cool and the colors and bright and happy.

I think I could attempt this design on a dresser but I don't know how straight and neat the lines would be.

Wonder what the "before" looked like!  I like this.

This is the "before"

This is the "after" which looks great!

pretty shower curtain from Etsy

from Tumblr

Chevron Ceiling

Chevron Walls

Cool Chevron Hallway

Paint your own chevron glasses "before"
Chevron glasses "after"

Love this vase by Missoni for Target.  I bought this and get compliments all the time.

I have this vase from Target (by Missoni) and although I do not have anything in the vase, it looks great in my living room which is all metallics, mustard and black.

Chevron backsplash from Decor Magazine

Love this color combination!

Pillow from Etsy

Love this room!