David Rivera Art  dcrartcommissions.artspan.com

My friend, David is a local artist. 
I went to an art exhibit of his in Lambertville, NJ one time.  I got to see his art and I loved this painting.  I felt like I could literally reach out and grab the bread.  My husband and I love our wine and this piece jumped off the canvas at me.  I had to have it.  Someone already owned the piece so I purchased this print and had it framed at the local framing store.  It matches perfectly in my hallway and I enjoy it every time I go up and down the stairs.

I like that I support a friend and his work and that I have something from the community that means something to me.  My husband and I got engaged in Napa Valley and we are going on our third trip there this summer.  

Here are some other amazing images I enjoy of David's......


I believe that this is David's sister.  The skin and the lighting are so detailed!

This image of the lab has tremendous detail.  

Still Life-

This image does not at all do justice to the beauty of the piece when it is seen in person.  It looks more like a photograph than oil on wood.

David commissions work so if you have a photo of something you love or a picture of something, he will paint it for you.  I plan to have him paint an image I have kept over the years of a dawn in Napa.

Starting to redecorate the ugly guest bedroom

I always try to do some sort of home decorating project when my husband goes fishing for a long weekend with his buddies.  Last week, I bought a new duvet and a new duvet cover from Serena and Lily.  It is a combination of corals and blues and I am looking forward to matching other pillows, trim, paint, etc.

Love the palette because it is bright but calming at the same time.  It isn't too bright or overwhelming.  I do not think I am going to paint the walls in this coral color but probably a shade of blue of some kind.

I plan to go to Calico Corners today to search for some other colors and prints that will compliment this comforter.  I do not have a swatch so I took a photo with my phone.  I can hold up the photo to some of the potential fabrics while i am shopping.  I don't want to make a mistake and order pillows or trim that don't match.  

I am not going for a completely "matching" room here.  I want to mix patterns and colors so I am going to purposely look for other patterns and shades of coral and blue.  I am going to keep within the shades of white, blue and coral though.