Love my new pendant light

This capiz lamp is like a piece of art when the light is off.  It gives a perfect glow so that in the evening, I can turn off the overhead high hat lights and relax.  They carry them in other colors.  The turqoise and the green ones are really pretty too.  I like this light because it's beautiful, it adds some interest to the space and it is out of the way.  Sometimes I think that table lamps are in the way because they take up table space where my wine should go!

Another new addition is a set of wall sconces in my master bedroom.  Again, I got to eliminate my table lamps and clear off the night stands.  The sconces are just for reading light and for visual interest.  We had some molding put in and we could never fully enjoy the molding because the shade of the table lamp was always in the way.  The room seems less cluttered now.

It's difficult to tell from the photo but the sconces are gold with gold shades.  The shades have a gold sparkle to them, which is really pretty.  I recommend adding sconces as bedside lighting.  The molding is really an interesting detail too which is very inexpensive and worth it.


This is a photo of a butterfly placemat for wine tasting that I was given when I was in Napa CA.  My husband and I went to a place called Vintner's Collective, which is a small tasting room in downtown Napa.  We love it there and we have gone every time we have been to Napa.  The placemat is really pretty and has all the colors of my living room.  I thought, why not frame it?  I added a touch of purple just to give it more pop (I don't have any purple in the room itself).  There are three borders and the frame.  It turned out great.  I had it done at Michael's and got 50% off during a sale.  Good deal.  They do a great job there.