Winter Deorating

My Olioboard and winter decorating ideas featured on Stagetecture's website.

Ronique Gibson does an amazing blog for all sorts of at home solutions from decorating a room to creating the perfect holiday dinner table and organizing the garage.

Here is the image of the living room Olioboard I created that was about how to decorate for winter after the holiday decorations come down.

Here are some of the tips I offered for decorating a living room for winter:

After the holidays, the weather outside may be frightful but your home decor can be delightful. Decorating can be easily done on a budget. Switch out vases and bowls for those in metallics like silver, copper and gold. A vase can be spray painted with metallic colors for a few dollars.
Fill an empty vase with some pine tree branches for an inexpensive touch of winter. Rather than spending money to redecorate an entire room, pillows can be replaced to warmer tones like rich, dark blues or plaids. Take photos of winter scenery around town and enlarge them to prop up on the mantle. Very nice, inexpensive frames can be purchased and spray painted as well. Winter related items at thrift shops like old sleighs can be used for centerpieces and filled with pine branches and pine cones or some favorite potpourri. Glass apothecary jars can be placed on the mantle or console table and filled with artificial lights, fake snow with mini trees, candles or wine corks. Even though the holidays are over, decor can still be warm, festive and inviting.
Walk around your outdoor home and bring in inspiring natural elements or visit your local craft store for branches, pine cones, straw, evergreen and rocks for a beautiful tablescape in your dining room or foyer table. Winter ideas shouldn’t be hard to incorporate into your everyday life. The winter should be a time to enjoy the coziness of your interiors. Use these ideas to create a winter home you will love to stay home in!

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Villeroy & Boch, Stagetecture & Olioboard Fan Room (on Facebook) Sponsored Contest

New Wave Caffe Collection

Here is my entry below:

Olioboard on the Nate Berkus Show

Olioboard is the digital version of saving all of your room ideas- swatches of fabric, images of furniture and flooring.  

You can browse real products, upload pictures of your own items or space and create a digital moodboard to share.  It can be e-mailed and easily showcased on a website or facebook and Twitter.  Changes can be easily made too.  Prices are available for items, which helps designers keep track of cost and stick to a budget.  The items on Olioboard are from real retailers and each item can take you directly to the store for purchase.

Join Sheilah MacSporran and Cole Mackin to see what they've created.  It is super fun and a great help to interior designers.  Olioboard also has a fan room page on Facebook and a fan Twitter page.  Olioboard fans are helpful, friendly and fun.  It is a great way to meet people who share in interior design as work or hobby, exchange ideas and take part in some of the sponsored contests.

Dorm Room with Olioboard

Designed using these items:

Galactic Floor Lamp from Zinc Door $413.00

Condo side table 

Sling Red Ottoman $319

$24.99 Keys K Print from

Sorority button set from Dormify $7.00

I won $200 through Dormify for my Olioboard dorm room design.  I have also purchased many graduation gifts from Dormify and people love them.  The removable decals are awesome.  I had one in my classroom and my middle school students absolutely loved it.
These are some of the gifts I have purchased from Dormify:

These headphones are cool and are perfect for times when you want music and your roommate wants quiet.  For use anywhere!

Only $14.99

This is the chandelier decal I had that was a huge hit

Only $40

Aren't these speakers cute?  Small and a great pattern.  They have other patterns and colors
Only $14.99 - that is amazing!

Here is another dorm room I designed on

West Elm Sponsored Olioboard Contest!

Contest judged by Beth from Home Stories A to Z

 Images below are from Home Stories A to Z

Here are some of my more recent Olioboards:

This board is my entry for the West Elm sponsored contest.  I tried to create a living room with a combination of warm tones, contemporary and traditional elements and a mix of pattern and material.

This was one of my Zatista art contest entries.  Here, I wanted the art to be the highlight of the room and I wanted to keep a contemporary and monochromatic look in keeping with the art.

This is another board from the Zatista art contest.

This board was for a cruise ship room contest.

Olioboard Contests

Got this idea from HGVT Design Star-

Rock n' Roll and Glam Room
Create a room fit for a married couple in their 30s. The space should be suited for a rock star man and a glamourous model woman. The space can be any room of the house but must appeal to both the rock star and the glam queen by incorporating some of each in a way that does not offend the other. Inspiration comes from HGTV Design Star.

These are my boards from the Zatista art contest on Olioboard

Decor Using Trunks

I love the way people have made their LV into furniture and trunks in general are cool.
The first date I had with my husband was spent having drinks at a local restaurant and the table was a trunk.  I loved it!
Here are some of my favorites.