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Check out these beautiful pieces from Regency Shop!

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What I respect about the Regency site is that it does not try to make the consumer believe that their products are originals.  They explain and even offer history of the original, which is really great.  Their products are way more affordable and look exactly the same.

I totally want these Barcelona style chairs.  These are not actually Barcelona chairs but an interpretation of the chair for way less money.  These Ibiza Chairs sell for only $599.00.  That is an unbelievable price for such a chair!  I just spent five days in Napa Valley where I saw these and in one of the places, I mentioned that I wanted some Barecelona chairs, and the man from guest services said, "just so you know...those are each $5,000."  I think I am going to have to check these out from Regency Shop instead! The original was designed by Lilly Reich.  
I think I like the white the best.  They come in other custom colors for an extra fee.

How about this cool hanging bubble chair?  I have seen these in a lot of decor lately.  This would be so cool in a basement or a contemporary home.  I would have loved one of these in my dorm room (back in the day). This typcially sells for almost $1900 and Regency carries it for only $799.

These comfy chairs are super comfortable (thus the name).  If you have ever sat in one, you know why they are called "Womb Chairs."  This version of a womb chair is by Eero Saarinen and Regency carries them for only $799 but they usually sell for almost $1700.  That is a huge deal! I cannot decide which color I prefer.  Tons of colors from which to choose AND they come in cashmere!!!  Who wouldn't want that?


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